Why a Spinal Adjustment Helps to Reduce Discomfort

Spinal adjustment is a common method of treatment that most chiropractors use during a chiropractic adjustment in order to properly align the spine. The common goal of most chiropractic techniques is to restore and enhance the joint function, which is particularly relevant to spinal manipulation. Many people believe that there are only a set number of methodologies a chiropractor uses when it comes to spinal adjustments. The reality is that there are over 100 types of adjustment techniques that different chiropractors adopt around the world.


However, the general goal of resolving joint inflammation and reducing pain remains a consistent factor in spinal adjustment and chiropractic adjustment techniques. It is important to note that when it comes to spinal adjustment, a chiropractor may take one of two specific approaches. Some approaches use force and are commonly known as spinal manipulation. Other approaches are far more gentle and can be categorized as spinal mobilization.

Originally, spinal adjustment involved the approach of spinal manipulation. There are now new chiropractic adjustment approaches that evolved as a variation of these techniques and are often named after the chiropractor who developed it. The level of pain one experiences or the level of inflexibility in the joint are going to determine what kind of spinal adjustment is best for each particular situation. Sometimes we can even use other techniques like applying ice, having the patient rest, performing an electrical stimulation, or even including massage therapy in the spinal adjustment treatment plan.


When it comes to spinal adjustments and chiropractic adjustments in general, there are different techniques we can apply to each situation. These techniques involve varying skill levels and may involve high-velocity/low altitude adjustment or manipulation. It is very important that we take the time to go over all of the conditions and symptoms before deciding which techniques to apply.

A spinal adjustment using spinal manipulation, also known as high-velocity low-amplitude thrust, is frequent technique among chiropractors. During the process of the spinal adjustment, patients will often hear an audible pop as we use the hands to apply a controlled but sudden force to a joint. Patients may stand or lay down a specific way to make sure the body is properly positioned for the spinal adjustment.

However, not all conditions allow for spinal manipulation. In the cases where a patient has osteoporosis or the patient is a smaller human being, like a child, we may use a gentler approach which is commonly known as spinal mobilization. Since these do not involve the twisting of the body or the forceful thrust, patients may actually prefer a mild spinal mobilization technique. Some patients find the audible pop to be unnerving and in cases like this, we can do the spinal adjustment through spinal immobilization.

We will work to ensure that you receive the necessary treatment in as safe and comfortable an environment as possible.

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