What is the Correct Posture?

What is the Correct Posture?

Have you ever had someone tell you to either stand or sit up straight and pull your shoulders back? They were not trying to hassle you, they showed they really do care about you and we're about to explain why. We have been preached the importance of proper posture from a young age, whether from our mother or grandmother and here is why. Here on earth, we are subject to gravity ALL DAY LONG and gravity puts stress on our joints, especially our spine. There is a required amount of force and stress that our bodies require to develop strength and muscle tone, otherwise, we would be one floppy mess. So not all stress placed on the body is always bad, some are good as well!

When we start having poor posture, whether we are slouching when we are sitting, or we are staring down at our cell phone playing with apps, we are placing more stress on our spines, discs, muscles, tendons, and ligaments compared to when we sit or stand with upright posture. In fact, let me tell you this, your posture can also affect how well you are able to breathe. Do this with me, sit or stand in a very slouched position and take a slow deep inhale in, and then slowly breathe it out. Next stand or sit up as straight as possible with your shoulders lightly pulled backward and THEN take a slow deep inhale in, and then slowly exhale out. What did you notice? You should have seen that it was easier to take a deeper inhale in and you were able to get more air in while in the better posture position versus slouching.

Posture is more important than just looking more cosmetically appealing, it allows you to live in more comfort and it allows you to be able to breathe better and get more oxygen, which we all know is a life necessity. Below is a list of common health issues from chronic bad posture, just to name a few:

What you can do is start standing/sitting up more straight to help prevent or relieve some of these issues if you are experiencing them. If you find that you require more help, give us a call here at Circle City Chiropractic Indianapolis (317-288-5480) and for Carmel (317-818-0940). We will do a consultation and comprehensive examination to determine if we are the right fit to help you.

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