What Happens When You First Visit a Chiropractor?

For those unfamiliar with visiting a chiropractor, the idea of going to a new doctor may be slightly intimidating. However, we are friendly and passionate about health care. We are also confident that you will be happy you visited our clinic. For now, it may help to understand why people tend to visit our clinic and what the first appointment looks like.


We can work to improve your overall health. Feel free to call us if you want improved energy, mobility, and vitality. Some of the main reasons people schedule an appointment include:


When you first visit our chiropractor office, we will spend time getting to know you and discussing your symptoms. It is important for us to discover what is bothering you in order to develop the best treatment. We want to know about all of your health symptoms even if they are not specifically related to your back.

Since your spine is essentially the body’s superhighway, you may not be aware that something like your digestive tract can be directly related to the health of your spine. This makes it important to go over everything in detail. We also want to understand the pain you are experiencing, the pain’s location, the severity of it, and when it began. The more detail that you give us, the better we can help you.

The next step in the process is a physical examination, in which we will examine your spine and determine if any of your vertebrae are out of alignment. We will also look for signs of swelling and check to see how mobile you are. If your range of motion is diminished in any way, we will make note of it and work to improve your mobility over the course of your treatment. We will also test your reflexes, overall neurological condition, and muscle strength.


Afterward, we can begin to develop a treatment plan. Keep in mind that chiropractic is different from traditional medicine in the sense that we do not seek to treat your symptoms. Instead, we work to alleviate the condition that causes the symptoms. The net result can lead to improved health over a lifetime, rather than needing to constantly deal with symptoms of pain management. Pain management is not a way to thrive. Our goal is to improve your overall quality of life and help you to sustain it so that you can thrive.

Our treatment plans will generally include gentle spinal manipulation. This is touch therapy and will be used to move your spine into alignment. You may also need to start certain exercises to strengthen your core and spine or get a massage to relieve muscle tension.


Visit our chiropractor office today. We will be happy to help you feel your very best.

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