What Happens to Your Body After Your First Chiropractic Treatment

Following a chiropractic treatment, some patients may find that they immediately experience cold or flu-like symptoms. Thus, many patients begin to wonder if it is due to the state of the treatment center or their body? In actuality, the answer is known as toxic relief and it is more common in patients after the fist appointment than people may realize.


While it may sound scary, toxic relief is a positive reaction of the body to chiropractic treatment. During toxic relief, the patient is experiencing the body releasing the toxins by the chiropractic manipulations. Unfortunately, it is very common for patients to have a negative reaction to the negative energy that is being released and experience temporary unpleasant symptoms as well. The great news is that the body will rapidly adjust to the expulsion of all that negative energy and the symptoms will soon pass along with the toxins exiting the body.

It is beneficial and important for patients to understand what chiropractic treatments can achieve. There is nothing to worry about when the individual experiences toxic relief after treatment. The body constantly reacts to chemical signals from the brain to the spinal cord throughout the day.


However, when that flow of energy gets disrupted due to spinal subluxation or some other dysfunctions of the spine, then that communication is delayed. Because chiropractic manipulations make the nerves able to work at the optimal levels, sometimes one may experience fatigue since the body is not used to functioning at this high degree of efficiency. In certain cases, the process can lead to some levels of fatigue, headaches, night sweats, tight muscles and an occasional case of diarrhea. It is most common to experience fatigue after a chiropractic adjustment.

When one experiences cold or flu-like symptoms after receiving a chiropractic treatment, think of the body as though it were a garden hose. When there is a kink in the hose, the water gets jammed and is unable to flow through the hose efficiently. This is exactly what happens with the nervous system. If there is a subluxation in the spine, it is going to block the flow of energy and cause pressure to build up. This pressure can lead to a number of ailments ranging from headaches to chronic pain and needs to be released through spinal manipulations, also known as chiropractic treatment, in order to properly regulate the flow of energy.

Just like the water rushes through the hose after releasing the kink, once the subluxation has been released, the nerves are able to function at the optimal level. Since the body may not be fully used to it, it can react by causing cold-like symptoms. However, you should not be concerned because the symptoms will not last long and you will continue to get better and heal faster. In the long run, chiropractic treatment is going to keep the kinks out and you in the best health possible. Call us to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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