Visit a Chiropractor for an Auto Injury Treatment

We encourage accident victims to visit our clinic for an auto injury treatment on the same or next day of the accident. Access to care is critical for healing and the sooner patients see us, the better they feel.


Car accidents can lead to a wide variety of injuries, including:

Even a minor fender-bender can cause an individual pain. In fact, auto accidents are one of the main reasons that new patients call our clinic.


If the car crash was severe, the first step is to visit the emergency room for immediate examination and treatment. The emergency can examine victims for symptoms such as a concussion, internal bleeding, broken bones and more. The emergency room may also take X-rays to assist in determining a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

After receiving immediate care from an emergency room, the individual needs to visit a chiropractic clinic for pain due to the accident. We can help patients recover from auto injuries with our treatment.


While highly-trained MDs can treat a variety of issues, they may not be specifically trained on how to treat the spine. Chiropractors go to school to specifically learn how to treat the spine and anything related to the back and neck. Many people are unaware that the spine is essentially the body’s superhighway with nerves running through it. Any damage to the spine can lead to health problems in all areas of the body. Even a pinched nerve near the vertebra being displaced can cause a variety of health results. Since car accidents are so jarring, it is highly likely that the damage will move the spine out of alignment. With the spine out of alignment, the patient will continue to struggle with ongoing discomfort and pain until he or she receives chiropractic treatment.

Prescribing muscle relaxers and pain medication will only mask the symptoms. Our auto injury treatment is different since it seeks to solve the symptoms using a variety of non-invasive therapies that do not depend on surgery or medication.

We base our treatment recommendations on the needs of each patient, which include:

While we may not begin with physical therapy, it may also be a component of the overall treatment plan. First, our focus is on aligning the spine to reduce swelling and discomfort. Then, we may incorporate specific stretches and strength exercises into the treatment to help provide consistent relief. As part of our treatment, another goal is to help ensure that patients do not worsen their condition or injuries.


As a chiropractor, we believe in the body’s ability to heal itself with the proper tools. Once the spine is in proper alignment, the patient will experience a significant decrease in discomfort and pain. The decrease is completely natural and does not create a strong dependence on pain medication.

We understand that, at times, some level of medication is necessary. However, our goal is to get patients off of medication as quickly as possible to prevent unforeseen complications in the possibility of addiction.


If you have been in a car accident, call us right away for an auto injury treatment and begin the process towards recovery.

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