Spinal Decompression: A Safe Alternative to Surgery

In our clinic, we use spinal decompression to treat patients suffering from pain, discomfort and a loss of mobility. This is often used as a surgical alternative so if you have been told that you need spinal surgery, call our clinic to learn more about this option before pursuing something so invasive and risky.


Spinal decompression stretches the spine and creates more space between the vertebrae. Unlike other methods that stretch the spine, decompression does not cause any muscle tightening or spasms during or after the procedure. Spinal decompression creates results that are more long-term and dependable.

This is possible thanks to the technology utilized through the technique. The computer can identify the body’s response to various stages of stretching and make adjustments accordingly to ensure that a spasm does not occur. Spinal decompression is an advanced high technology procedure that is non-invasive. From the perspective of a patient, it is the best of both worlds.

By being non-invasive and non-surgical, the risks associated with spinal decompression are slim to none. Simultaneously, the use of technology is creating better and more predictable results. The reason the procedure works to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort is due to stretching the spine. We can eliminate or greatly reduce any pressure on the spinal nerves that is responsible for pain. Additionally, this allows for the disc to heal and promote good health.


This procedure can be used to treat the following conditions:


The spinal decompression procedure is safe for adult patients of all health conditions. This is an important distinction to make because some people would be put in great danger by having a procedure that is invasive or scheduling surgery. Older adults, in particular, can have serious side effects with surgery and may not recover. This often creates a situation where spinal surgery makes things worse instead of better. Our solution is safe for all patients.

In fact, anyone who needs to have decisive results and must eliminate back pain to ensure the quality of life will need to visit our clinic prior to considering any surgical option. With a non-invasive option available and affordable, there is no need to put health at risk by undergoing significant procedures.


The best way to find out if spinal decompression is a good option to reduce or eliminate your back pain is to call and schedule an appointment. We can examine you in our health clinic and determine what is causing the issues and make recommendations for treatments. All our treatments are non-invasive so you can be confident in the fact that we are going to recommend solutions that do not require surgery. This is beneficial financially, physically and socially since surgery can have long-term effects and require months of recovery time.

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