Sciatica is a type of pain involving the sciatic nerve which is one of the longest and widest nerves that extend from the buttocks to the soles of your feet. This type of discomfort usually sends shooting and radiating pain down one leg and/or is localized around the low back and hip region. Sciatica pain is often associated and/or characterized with leg weakness, muscle cramping, persistent ache, numbness, tingling (pins and needles) and burning or sharp sensation down the leg. Aggravating the sciatic nerve could be debilitating and if left untreated an individual may experience consistent pain and/or loss of bowel and or bladder function.

There are multiple ways to aggravate the sciatic nerve and it is crucial to take the first step in finding the root cause of your sciatic pain. One common cause of sciatic pain is disc herniation. These discs are gel-like cushions that are found between each vertebrae of your spine. The outer rings that surrounds these disc pushes outward or gets weak and tears which protrudes the gel-like substance out of its position. Depending on the extent of the disc herniation, it could aggravate the spinal cord and or nerves that send radicular pain down the leg. Canal stenosis is another cause of sciatic pain. This occurs when our canal where the spinal cord is housed becomes occluded or impinged that could irritate the nerves.

Repetitive trauma and misalignment of your low back and hips is another causes of sciatic pain. Misalignment of your spine and hips causes the body to recruit certain muscles in attempt to stabilize your low back. One recruited muscle includes the Piriformis which is located deep in the buttocks. Continuous recruitment aggravates the Piriformis which makes it taut and tender leading it to aggravate the sciatic nerve which is located underneath the Piriformis. Other common causes of sciatica include degenerative disc disease, spondylolitheses and pregnancy!

A thorough examination is crucial to take the first step in finding the root cause of your discomfort. Chiropractors are one of the top and best choices in addressing sciatica. As mentioned earlier, sciatica could originate from different sources. Chiropractors are known to address the cause and alleviate sciatic symptoms by restoring motion to the spine and hips with chiropractic adjustments, alleviating pressure on the sciatic nerve.  Besides chiropractic adjustments, the doctor might utilize other methods to help the process with electrical stimulation, ice and massages. With improvement, the doctor will instruct multiple ways to help prevent further aggravations with posture tips, stretches and exercises.

Addressing the cause of your discomfort is the best way to alleviate your symptoms and prevent any lingering dysfunction. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or know of anyone suffering with these complications, please reach out and give us a call at Circle City Chiropractic. We have two locations, one located in Indianapolis (317) 288-5480 and Westifield (317) 818-0940. Feel free to call and discuss your health concerns.


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