Schedule a Back Pain Treatment During Pregnancy

Our back pain treatment can provide necessary relief from discomfort and pain while a patient is pregnant. For many women, back pain is a number one concern during the pregnancy. It can come on suddenly and impact the middle and lower back. The pain can be to such a degree that even sitting or standing is difficult and uncomfortable. Other women do not have pain to this severity but are uncomfortable on a regular basis due to the growth of the baby. It is necessary for a patient to understand the options at this time and that we are here to assist the patient by providing important relief.


Upon visiting our chiropractic clinic, we will be careful and gentle because a pregnant woman’s body requires that. We are aware and cognizant of a woman’s current health situation and ensure that any treatment we provide is in keeping with the safest practices. Our back pain treatment centers around touch therapy. We use gentle spinal manipulation to move the spine into the correct position to ensure that none of the nerves are pinched and end up causing pain or irritation. Since our therapy is touch-based, we can feel how far the spine can move and will be careful not to push the patient any further.

The further along in pregnancy a woman gets, the more restrictions that there will be on what positions and movements are possible on the table during treatment. We understand this as well and know how to help pregnant women without causing any additional discomfort during the treatment process. It is critical to visit a chiropractor who has treated pregnant women in the past and understands how to do so successfully. We have the knowledge and are happy to assist you.


Many women assume that they have to live with pain and discomfort during their pregnancy. At some level, there is truth to this because no one can control all the ways that the body will react to the pregnancy. However, there are still treatment options available to help ease the pain. We can help by providing relief once your back or sciatica has reacted to your growing belly. A few of our options include:


As far as a gentle back pain treatment is concerned, this is a non-invasive, non-medicated, and gentle therapy option. Since you must be careful with the medications you take, chiropractic care is appealing to many women.


We often recommend that you combine chiropractic care and massage therapy for the best and most comprehensive relief from discomfort. Even while pregnant, you can have a massage and it will help you to feel better that same day. Some pregnant women require weekly massage to prevent or address muscle tension and this can continue as you nurse after the baby is born.


Certain stretches can provide relief but we will want to show you which ones are safe during pregnancy.


While pregnant, your body is going through a lot of changes and your back may fall victim to them. Visiting our chiropractic clinic for a gentle back pain treatment can provide the relief from discomfort that you are desperately seeking. Call today for help.

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