Our Shoulder Pain Treatment Can Help You Feel Better

Chiropractic shoulder pain treatment is a treatment that patients often overlook when they come in to get relief from the pain they are experiencing in their shoulders, neck, and back. However, chiropractors are not limited to care of the spine. In fact, most chiropractors are highly trained and able to adjust treatment for all of the extremities. Chiropractors can treat the knees, tiny joints like the toes, and especially the shoulders.

Since the vast majority of shoulder pain is due to joint irritation or tissue irritation, chiropractic manipulation and shoulder treatment can help the patient feel better in a very short period of time.


As with all chiropractic treatment, the first step is to get a proper diagnosis of what is causing the shoulder discomfort and then draw up a plan for treatment. People can stretch muscles, ligaments, and tendons around the shoulder joint, leading to discomfort or pain. In addition, trigger points in the muscle, known as a "knot" can cause pain in the neck or the shoulder joint.

The diagnostic examination that will be conducted in the chiropractor's office will help to determine the range of motion of the neck and shoulders, as well as simultaneously testing the muscles and any other related sensations.


There are very specific orthopedic tests used by a chiropractor in order to isolate specific parts of the shoulder including the rotator cuff of the neck muscles. This helps to determine where the pain is being generated. Sometimes imaging such as CT scans or MRIs may be used to further help identify the origination point of the discomfort.


Shoulder pain treatment deals with all of the issues that can cause shoulder pain. Despite the fact that there is a healthy amount of tissue surrounding and supporting the shoulder joint, the shoulder joint has been known to shift out of alignment which can lead to muscle pulls and ligament tears. This, in turn, can lead to muscle spasms, inflammation, and the characteristic shoulder pain.

By using gentle adjustments to the shoulder, it can be redirected so that the joint moves and can then be shifted forward and backward depending on the symptoms exhibited by the patient in order to provide relief.


When providing a shoulder pain treatment, we will use tools such as a speeder board, drop table or reflex type hammer in addition to doing manual adjustments. One of the things to keep in mind is that when the neck and back are well-adjusted this will also help to relieve shoulder discomfort. In addition to the adjustments, we will also be working to improve the patient's posture, which can lead to a relief of shoulder pain.

To find out how our treatment can help you to feel better, we recommend giving us a call to schedule your first appointment today.

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