Family Chiropractor Answers Frequently Asked Questions

As a family chiropractor, we often answer questions by new patients regarding the services we offer and the benefits of chiropractic care. For answers to individual questions, we suggest scheduling an initial consultation. Our staff is happy to go over everything with patients in detail. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions and our answers.


Each patient is unique and so are the reasons for them visiting our clinic. In general, some of the reasons patients use chiropractic care can include:

Mobility becomes an issue with age, whereas, younger patients tend to visit us more often for things like sports and workplace injuries.


When first coming in for a consultation and examination, we will take the time to meet with each patient and ask questions about any symptoms they are dealing with. It is important to get a background on overall health along with the issues causing current discomfort.

If the cause of the visit was a workplace injury or car accident, let us know so that we can keep the appropriate documents for claim processing.

Next, we will conduct an initial physical evaluation which involves examining the back, testing mobility and more. We may also take X-rays at this time. As a family chiropractor, we make adjustments for examining and treating younger patients ensure age-appropriateness.


After the initial evaluation, we will create a plan for ongoing care. This involves how often visits need to occur if physical therapy will be part of these visits and whether or not massage would be beneficial. This is a basic roadmap to follow throughout the course of the entire treatment. However, there are adjustments that will be made on a regular basis as needed. For example, how frequently patients come in is often based on the body’s response to treatment.

During treatment appointments, spinal manipulation may be used to adjust the spine and move the vertebrae into the correct position. Other aspects of treatment may include alternative therapies that are designed to promote healing, well-being, increased blood flow and mobility. Our treatments are not based on medication and prescription drugs, but the body’s ability to heal itself when in the proper alignment.

For this reason, things like decompression therapy are excellent alternatives to serious medication and sometimes even surgeries. As such, many parents prefer to bring their children to our clinic over a traditional doctor.


To find out the benefits of bringing your family to a family chiropractor, we encourage you to call and schedule a consultation. Our team is warm, welcoming and thorough. We can answer any specific questions that you have and discuss treatment options prior to moving forward.

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