Chiropractic for your FEET?!

Did you know there are 26 bones in the feet?? They make up one-quarter of the total number of bones in our bodies! These bones give us 37 moveable joints which are supported by more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments! That’s a lot of moving parts for an area that doesn’t get much attention. We wear heels that give us blisters and flip flops that provide ZERO support. And it’s not often enough that we exercise the muscles in our feet or focus on stretching or massaging them. Our feet and ankles rank pretty high in importance but are constantly neglected.

Did you also know that your chiropractor is fully trained to adjust those 37 joints in your feet and help you stretch and rehab them? Chiropractors are trained to treat various pedal conditions including plantar fasciitis, pronation/supination, turf toe, sprain/strain injuries and shin splints. If one or more joints in the foot are not moving properly as you walk and stand, it creates a subluxation just like chiropractors would find in your spine. And just like the subluxations throughout the spine, that lack of mobility and lead to degeneration, injury and pain.

By keeping the joints in your feet flexible and the muscles strong, your body and withstand the forces absorbed from walking, running, dancing and standing for long periods of time much easier. This prevents pain and irritation in the feet and ankles, but also up to the lower back and even neck!

Each step we take on cement, our feet absorb up to 4 times our body weight! The average person takes 4000 steps each day; that number is upwards of 15,000 steps if you regularly exercise or jog. That’s a lot of wear and tear on the feet! Not to mention, the force jumps up to 6 and 7 times your body weight when you are running!

Often times, people are born with variations in the mechanics of the feet such as low or high arches. These can cause hammer toes, bunions, neuromas over time and increase your overall risk or injury and lower back pain. Having your chiropractor adjust the feet will certainly help, but the structure will remain abnormal. That’s when orthotics are needed to better support the feet.

In our office, we use FootLevelers custom fitted orthotics. These are not the hard, plastic inserts that keep you foot fixed in one position. These are functional and flexible orthotics to fully support your feet while walking and running. They support the arches and tendons in your feet to protect the joints from degeneration and lowers your risk of lower back pain.

If you are already experiencing lower back pain, supporting the feet correctly will help take the added pressure of the lumbar spine and even help get rid of headaches and neck pain!

If you are experiencing foot, ankle, knee or hip pain, or think your feet are contributing to your lower back or neck pain, talk to you chiropractor and see what options you have for chiropractic treatments or adding support through FootLevelers custom orthotics!

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