5 Benefits from Foam Rolling

5 Benefits of Foam Rolling

Tight muscles and stiff joints are a common thing in adulthood and even for some children and adolescents. There are many things we can do to help out with back pain, joint pain, and muscles spasms at home. This blog is to talk about the benefits of foam rolling. Foam rolling, self-mobilization, or self-myofascial release has been gaining popularity for several years now. Chiropractors, Physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists, and personal trainers often recommend using a foam roller. The foam roller is one of the most popular and widely used instruments to help with self-myofascial release

  1. Increased circulation
  2. Increased lymphatic flow
  3. Increased range of motion
  4. Injury prevention
  5. Decreased muscle soreness

Increased circulation has several benefits including warming up the body, increasing athletic performance, helping bring necessary nutrients to help the body heal and to repair and much more. Foam rolling is able to help stimulate circulation and increase blood flow to areas in the muscle that are worked on and can help with recovery. Increased lymphatic flow is helpful for a healthy functioning immune system. Two other means of stimulating the movement of lymph include exercise and massage. Foam rolling can also help aid in the movement of lymphatics.

Injury prevention is a must for the weekend warrior or even the seasoned athlete. If you cannot move comfortably due to an injury to your body, you cannot perform and do what you love. Using a foam roller before exercise and after warming up can be effective in injury prevention by loosening up tight and stiff muscles and joints before engaging in exercise or sports activities. Decreased muscle soreness and the pain associated with delayed onset muscle soreness can also be helped by foam rolling. It can do so by helping loosen up tight muscles and increasing blood flow to the region needing a speedier recovery.

Foam rollers come in many shapes, sizes, colors, firmness, and brands. Several should be tried out in order to figure out what will be best for your body. Just as not one person is same as the next, it is in our best interest to find what works best for you. Some do well with softer foam rollers, some do better with more firmness, and some even do better with ones that have little foam spikes attached to them as well! Pick what feels and works best for you and stay consistent.


Foam rolling over an acutely inflamed area may cause further inflammation and worsen your condition. Get checked by our office and see if foam rolling would be of benefit to you and your health.

To have your spine evaluated, your athletic performance, or to see if a foam roller would be of benefit to you and your health contact one of our two offices conveniently located in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. For Indianapolis cal 317-288-5480 or for Carmel/Westfield call 317-818-0940 and get set up today or visit www.circlecitychiropractic.com and set up a new patient appointment online.

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